Monday, 7 January 2013

Blow Dry Bar - Emporium

Hey all, 

Just before Christmas I was invited to check out the newly opened Blow Dry Bar at Emporium in Fortitude Valley. I jumped at the opportunity! I had never been to a salon that specialised in 'blow dries' before and always felt as though I was wasting the time of hairdressers in other salons by requesting one. 

My partner and I were going out for dinner that night and I was hoping to find a salon that could work magic on my hair for special occasions.

I found just that.

My 'before' hair. Unstyled and looking a little flat/dead.
The BDB is in a great location - Emporium is a place that I enjoy visiting. It's surrounded by delicious food options and has parking available. 

The salon itself is gorgeous! I loved the detailing in the decor and felt instantly glamorous when I stepped in the door! The staff are also lovely (which helps!) and a glass of champagne was much appreciated as well! 

The black tiles were absolutely stunning! I could't help but think how great they would look as a bathroom feature wall. 

Whoops, my Mecca Maxima shopping bag. Caught in action...
Vintage inspired, brushed out curls was deemed the destiny for my hair. 

To create this look? Firstly, a blow dry. 

And a glass of champagne...
Then out came the GHD. One day I will learn how to create amazing curls, one day...

Amazing curls like this! 

And I was transformed into a modern day goldilocks! This is how I have always dreamt my hair would look when I woke up in the mornings - amazing! 

You can grab a blow dry at the BDB for $40 for every length and style. 

Up-do's go for $45-$75 and a

Style Cut & Blowdry is $80. 

For a full list of services and prices, check out the menu online

 The gorgeous staff! They are fabulously chatty as well (just the way I like it!). 

My curls were put up for me, so I could continue shopping with ease! It makes quite a pretty updo if you ask me!

The BDB is definitely a salon I would head to before any special event, or just to treat myself. Why fuss over your own hair for hours? At $40 you can end up feeling pampered and leave feeling refreshed. A much better scenario if you ask me! 

Check out for more information. 

Hope you all have a great night! xx 


  1. Wow this place looks beautiful!!
    Your hair looks amaze x

  2. Woohoo you got a chance to try it too!! I likey this place :) recommending and will come back in the future hehehe and I like the staff too

    Talk about VA VA VOOM hair!! Love the hair!!!

  3. It looks like such a lovely place and they did a great job :D.

    As a treat to yourself come join my $100 Asos Giveaway.

  4. the one at brisbane city is amazing too

  5. thank you very much for sharing the information, god bless you


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