Sunday, 4 November 2012

Korres Botanically Coated Blush in Coral & Purple

Hey all, 

My Korres product discovery continues and I keep finding products that pleasantly surprise me. It always makes me happy when one brand can get so many things right across a range of products. 

Leaves the other, less consistent brands no excuse! 

What Korres Says 
Velvety blush powder particles coated with a rich botanical blend that offers a natural yet luminous colour. 

What I Love 
- It is definitely one of the MOST velvety blushes I have ever known. Feels so smooth and silky, even when swatched. 
- Well pigmented. 
- Luminous and natural finish - not matte, nor shiny. 
- Packed with natural ingredients.
- Doesn't contain mineral oils or propylene glycol. 
- Great price (especially when bought online). 
- Packaging - I'm a big fan of Korres simplistic approach to makeup. 

What I Don't 
- Pricier in Australia and you have to order online to get good prices. 
- Packaging always chips my nails, as it is ridiculously hard to open! 

Where to Buy: Mecca, eBay (I buy mine from Friviolity)

Price: Mecca - $49.95, eBay - $16.00


Without Flash 

Coral & Purple. 
With Flash 

Although this blush doesn't pack as much pigment as, say, an Illamasqua blush; it gives you enough colour to brighten up your complexion. Definitely a winner for those looking for a more natural look and I recommend these two shades especially for those of you with darker skin!  

What are your favourite Korres products? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx 


  1. so pretttyyy!! now you tempt me!

    1. You should definitely pick some up Dana!! xx

  2. Both the colors are beautiful..:)

  3. i love both of them! the purple is gorgeous too, i want to get one too. thanks for sharing! xoxo

    now following you, mind following me back?

  4. Both blushes are outstanding -- both my kind of colors and they are matte :) Thanks for sharing. I'll be looking into these for sure.

  5. Hi,

    I came across your blog from a blog hop and i am loving your blog keep up the goodwork!


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