Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick in Eternal Bronze

Hey all, 

I walked past the opening of a Gorgeous Cosmetics store in Brisbane city a while back and as they were promising amazing deals, I just had to go inside. Before this point, I did not even know that Gorgeous Cosmetics existed! 

Well, I am glad that I do now! They have some snazzy looking products, and what seems to be an amazing and unique range of shades - just like this Eternal Bronze lipstick. 

The Shade 
A gorgeous red bronze, with slight shimmer. 

What I Love 
- I usually can't stand lipstick's with shimmer in them, but they seem to have got the balance just right. It isn't too overpowering at all. 
- Gorgeous shade that compliments almost any look. 
- Smooth and creamy - applies like a dream. 
- Long lasting, even through eating and drinking. 

What I Don't 
- Harder to locate, but products can be bought online. 
- Shimmer is left over after colour fades. 

Where to Buy: Instore at Gorgeous Cosmetics, or online  http://www.gorgeouscosmetics.com.au/

Price: $35.00


Without Flash 

With Flash 

On My Lips

Excuse my blemish! 
I usually don't appreciate shimmer in lip products at all, but somehow it seems to work in this this shade. This shade would especially work wonderfully on darker skin tones, but I am sure that the fairer ladies out there can pull it off too! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx


  1. Hi Sharleena, just wanted to let you know that I've sent you an email about an inquiry!

    - Joline

  2. This is such a pretty colour! I'm having a blog hop and I was wondering if you would like to join, if so stop by my blog for more details :)

    1. I would definitely like to join, shall drop by! xx

  3. Found you through the Blog Hop and now following! Please Hop to mine, lol :)

    Beautiful Colour!

    1. Thanks for finding me! Will check your blog out too! xx

  4. Beautiful colour and Lovely Blog doll, happy I came across it blog hopping tonight:)
    Sara xx Happily Following

  5. lovely color..... looks so pretty on you *.*

  6. Hi Sharleena
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