Friday, 6 July 2012

On My Cheeks: Essence Marble Mania Blush in Swirlpool

Hey all, 

Another new, everyday favourite blush from me! It is from the new Marble Mania range from Essence; a range with a multitude of baked, marble effect shades. 

This blush caught my eye from across the Target beauty section, so I just had to pick it up. I love baked blushes, especially when they have a swirled effect to them (I am a sucker for pretty things) - so this blush was a welcome addition to my collection! 

A gorgeous range of pinks - from deep to champagne, all swirled together. 
Slight shimmer. 

What I Love
- I adore the shade, it is the perfect shade to create a healthy glow on my skin. 
- Highly pigmented. 
- Not overloaded with shimmer. 
- Blends seamlessly into my skin. 
- Very reasonably priced! 

What I Don't 
- I wish that they had more shades. 
- Hard to find, and always sold out! 

Where to Buy: Target

Price: $5.95


Without Flash 

With Flash 

Essence is a well priced brand that continues to impress me. Their products always exceed my expectations, and yet, they manage to keep their prices very low. It makes me wonder whether other brands can justify their mark-ups...but that is a post for another day!

Hope you all have a great night! xx


  1. what a lovely color~ this blush looks awesome~

    1. It is such a lovely shade! Especially for everyday use! xx

  2. That blush looks gorgeous! It's certainly a lot more affordable than MAC Mineralize blushes that are basically the same concept for a much higher price. Have you tried the Milani baked blushes? I bought one, but I think it was too light for my skin tone. I may buy another in a darker shade and see if I like it any better. It looks similar to this blush, with different colors swirling around to create one shade, and they're so pretty! :)

    1. Definitely agree with you! Similar concept, for a much lower price!
      I haven't had a change to try the Milani baked blushes yet - they are hard to find in Aus. But I do really want to! xx

  3. I had a look at this after you commented on my post about them, but I didn't buy it because the tester wasn't very pigmented. It looks amazing in the photos above though! May have to pick one up next time I'm in Target! :) xx

    1. They definitely are quite pigmented! Maybe there was something wrong about the tester? xx

  4. argggh so angry! I went a week ago and the essence was stocked! I saw the blush and it was so pretty but I had like $8 on me and definitely had to get the Ilovestage eyeshadow base and didnt have enough for the blush as well. I went a few days ago and it was sold out and i was like bleeeeeh!
    Looks so pretty! ;D

    1. Naww, hate it when that happens! Definitely look around, a lot of stores should still have it! :) xx

  5. I've never really invested in a blush before but the picture with the flash looks so pretty! I'm on this blush tip now :)

    1. Blushes are so much fun! You should definitely check them out!
      Could get away with so many bright shades with your skin tone as well!! xx

  6. Replies
    1. It is so lovely! Such a nice pink! xx


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