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Looking After Myself: Skin Care Routine

Hey all, 

This post has been a long time coming, I have just been so caught up blogging about prettier things! But, the time is nigh! A balanced skin care routine that is tailored to your individual needs is vital to maintain the health and appearance of your skin. And with your skin being your largest organ, it definitely should be looked after! 

Not everything will work for everyone, and this post is just about what works for me - so keep that in mind when reading!

Hope you enjoy! 

Makeup Removal 

Swisspers Botanical Extracts Eye Make-Up Remover 
- Smells gorgeous, is gentle on the eyes and handles waterproof mascara without trouble! 
When: At night, or any time I'm switching things around.
Where to Buy: Priceline and Selected Pharmacies
Price: Think it was around $10

Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil 
- I use this miracle product after cleansing facial wipes and let it sink in. Also use it under masks and on my hair as a treatment. It works wonders! 
When: Night. 
Where to Buy: Health Stores 
Price: $18.99

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 
- Removes all makeup without irritating the skin. 
When: Night, or when removing makeup. 
Where to Buy: Priceline and Pharmacies. 
Price: $6.99

Cleansing, Exfoliating, Masks and Toning

Natio Renew Radiance Exfoliator 
- An enzyme based exfoliator that promotes radiant skin without irritating. Doesn't cause me any redness. I use it once or twice a week, depending. I tried this on a whim and have grown to adore it! 
When: Usually at night. 
Where to Buy: Priceline, Myer and Selected Pharmacies. 
Price: $19.95

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream
- My favourite way to start the week! This scrub is divine - it works wonders to remove impurities and refine the complexion. I stopped using most Clinique products a while ago, but couldn't let go of this one! Also, it smells like cake batter. 
When: Usually at night. 
Where to Buy: Myer, David Jones. 
Price: $47.00

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask
- I have been using this brand for years and love the way my skin feels after this mask. The mud draws out horrid impurities and balances oil. I will either use this, a Lush Fresh Face Mask, or Simplicite mask once a week. 
When: Night, usually in the bathtub surrounded by steam. 
Where to Buy: Priceline
Price: $8.99

Simplicite Exfoliating Face Treatment
I use this as a mask. Gorgeous organic product that does wonders to plump up and treat imperfections in my skin. Great anti-aging properties. The only problem is that I don't like the smell. 
When: Night. 
Where to Buy: Online, Myer 
Price: $41.70

Biotherm Biosource Cleanser
- Been using this since the beginning of the year, and I ADORE it! Contains balancing zinc and leaves my skin feeling cleansed, without being tight or dry. 
Best for normal-combination skin. 
When: Day and night. 
Where to Buy: Myer
Price: $29.00

Biotherm Biosource Lotion/Toner
- A non aggressive and non drying toner. Removes traces of dirt and makeup and increases cell production. 
When: Day and Night 
Where to Buy: Myer 
Price: $36.00

I use my cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia at night- which I adore! I use the sensitive brush head. 
Where to Buy: Adore Beauty & Myer 
Price: $150

Moisturiser, Treatments and Sunscreen

Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection
- One of the best moisturisers that I have ever tried. Moisturises my skin without causing oiliness. Moisture lasts all day. 
When: Morning
Where to Buy: Myer 
Price: $64.00

Simplicite Rosemary Blemish Gel 
- A natural, organic treatment for less aggressive blemishes. Soothes and fades. 
When: Whenever needed. 
Where to Buy: Online & Myer 
Price: $28.80

Neutrogena Healthy Defence Sunscreen
- The normal/combination sunscreen variety. Offers sun protecting without oiliness and also doesn't leave a white shadow on my darker skin. 
When: Whenever venturing outside. 
Where to Buy: Priceline, Pharmacies
Price: $14.99

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +
- I cannot live without this little baby! Makes my skin radiant and calm. Also increases cell renewal and protects from environmental damage. 
When: Day and Night
Where to Buy: Adore Beauty, Priceline, Myer and Health Stores
Price: $29.95

Simplicite Lemon Night Creme
- More intense moisture for night time. Smells divine! Suits all skin types.
When: Night
Where to Buy: Online and Myer 
Price: $59.90

Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel
- Zaps pimples in no time! A definite HG product for me. 
When: When needed 
Where to Buy: Priceline and pharmacies. 
Price: $14.99

Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection
- My favourite eye cream. Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles without being over moisturising. 
When: Day and night
Where to Buy: Myer 
Price: $49.00

Wow, what a long post! Feel free to ask me any questions. 

Have you done a skin care routine post? If so, link me! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx


  1. Great post, lovely! I love my Mia too... I've been meaning to try the sensitive brush head. Might have to get onto that. x

    1. Thanks! It's really great, a lot kinder to the skin! xx

  2. Love the post and all the products have to try biotherm especially the moisturiser your using there!

    1. Thanks! The entire Biother Aquasource range is really amazing! You should definitely try it! xx

  3. Simple is used in the UK too. I really like them :) they're good wipes. Lovely blog.

    Nafisah xo

    1. Yeah, such a lovely brand! Glad that you like the blog! xx

  4. Very interestingbpist..:) kiss kiss

  5. Adore this post, I love having a sneak peak into the skin care collections. I have that Clinique scrub but have never used it, now that I know it smells of cake batter I will! I have some Simplicite products on the way and now I can't wait to start using them!

    1. Simplicite products are divine! Yoou have to let me know what you think when you get them! xx

  6. excellent post! the only thing we share in common are the simple cleansing wipes, but I reaaally want a clarisonic!

    1. The Simple wipes are amazing - never switching! And I love my Clarisonic so much, definitely recommend investing! I really started to see a difference in my skin. xx

  7. I am using the Clinique 7 day scrub cream, it's absolutely fabulous!!!

    1. Isn't it just?! Such a great product! xx

  8. I LOVE Biotherm skincare products as they smell absolutely beautiful and refreshing!

    1. They do! They work wonders on my skin as well! xx

  9. Big thumbs up for the coconut oil I use the same brand as you and love it! :) I use it as a hair treatment; if on my skin I just break out (I have combo to oily skin).

    I've been umming and ahhing for a while re clairsonics... Scared they'll damage my skin! Would you recommend them (I assume you do given the post but?)? :)

    1. Isn't it wonderful?! I am so glad that I found it.

      I definitely recommend them - they have a brush for sensitive skin (the one I use) and only one for delicate skin that you could use if you were worried about damage. I use mine every night and am very impressed with the results! Just be sure to only use it once a day, and to not press it hard onto your skin - should all be fine! xx

  10. Ooh coconut oil, do you use it to remove makeup or just as a treatment? (A little confused here haha) I love skincare posts... and I need to update mine. Though a little tricky cause I'm trialling new products at the moment. Though there are some gems I stick by :)

    I'm enjoying some products from Simplicite too!! I'm curious to try that Lemon Night Creme.. I'm testing out the other type at the moment.

    1. I use it for both! It gets makeup off wonderfully, and I also put it on my skin to let it soak in! It's a great treatment for hair!

      I would love to see your skincare routine!! And Simplicite is great, can't say enough great things about the Lemon Night Creme - smells great too! xx

  11. I love your blog! It's so great that you show detailed pictures with your testimonials!I'm a new follower!

    1. Thank you and welcome! Glad that you like it! xx

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