Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells - Review + Swatches

Hey all, 

Most of us in the beauty world have probably heard about this wonderful little trio by Wet N Wild, which can only be described as the perfect combination of shades for a neutral eye. Whoever thought this one up was short of a genius! 

After hearing my favourite YouTube guru (emilynoel83) rave about this for a while, I jumped onto Crush Cosmetics and picked it up. I picked up some other Wet N Wild trio's at the same time, but this one was definitely the stand out amongst them! 

What I Love 
- Gorgeous combination of shades. 
- Very highly pigmented. 
- Great formula - goes on creamy, smoothly and doesn't flake or crease. 
- Easy to work with and blend.
- Handy packaging. 
- Great price! 

What I Don't 
- Harder to find in Australia. 

Where to Buy: Crush Cosmetics.

Price: $9.95


Without Flash 

With Flash 

This is definitely my go-to on days where I haven't thought about what to do with my eye make-up, and it  currently lives at the very front of my vanity. 

A mix of perfect neutral shades, a great formula and a very affordable price make this trio a must have in any make-up collection! 

Have you tried this trio, and what do you think? Any other Wet n Wild trio recommendations? 

Also, I am planning a tutorial post on the different ways to use this trio, so be on the lookout for that! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx


  1. Replies
    1. It is really gorgeous, you should pick it up! xx

  2. I have this too, and I LOVE it! Its unbelievable quality for something so cheap....however, reading that you paid close to $10 for this makes me so mad!! You poor girls in's unacceptable!

    1. It's so very pretty! Yeah, we always pay so much for things :( Very unfair! xx

  3. I want to check it out. Fortunately, we can get Wet n Wild here in Canada very easily! Thanks for recommending!

    1. You definitely should, let me know what you think! I would love to be able to get Wet N Wild easily - lucky! xx

  4. I have not used Wet n Wild other than polish in years! I will have to pick one of these up, I love the colors. Nice showing of your photos with and without flash. I found you via College Girl's nomination of us. xo

    1. Ooh - you will have to! They have some really nice shades, the single shadow's are great too!

      Thanks! I'm glad you like it! xx

  5. I have seen this on another blog too, and it seems to be getting rave reviews. It might make for a lovely gift, although wet n wild doesn't have the best reputation in Canada as a quality beauty brand since it's fairly cheap in price. I like how they label the colours as to where they'd go best on the eye :)

    1. It really is a nice trio! And the quality is very surprising for the price! :)
      You're right, the labels would be great for a beginner especially!

  6. Really pretty i have read some great things about Wet N Wild but the cost to get it to me doesnt seem fair when they are soo cheap in the USA :(

    1. Do you live in Australia? The cost for us definitely isn't fair :( xx

  7. O: I live in Australia and have been dying to try some NYX products. This palette looks so preeetty! Where did you get it?

  8. WOW! That is expensive in Australia. I got mine in USA,California for only $2.99 USD.


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