Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Baby Otters, Oh My!

Hey all, 

Okay, this is a very different sort of post, but I have been so obsessed over the last few weeks that I just had to share! What am I obsessed with you say? Baby otters! That's what. 

This obsession started when I watched an episode of 'The Zoo' that featured a few newly born otter pups, and it was love at first sight! They are so unbelievably adorable; surely there has to be some sort of law against being that cute! So now I have been looking at pictures, watching videos and reading all about tiny little otters. 

I can't help it, look! 

Oh my, oh my!! 


So due to the discovery of this extreme cuteness, I have developed a new plan. Build a giant otter pond and start an internationally renowned otter breeding program. It can happen, right? 

What do you think of these adorable lil creatures? 

Hope you al have a great night! xx


  1. Aww so sweet! I can see why you're obsessed.

    1. Aren't they just the loveliest things?! xx

  2. Awwww!!! I just have to get one! :3


    1. If I could have a pet otter, I would! Haha! xx


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