Saturday, 24 March 2012

On My Lips: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #10

Hey all, 

I have a great and possibly strange love for red lipstick. I love the way that it makes me look and feel, and generally refer to it as magic in a tube. Having this strong love for red lips, I have developed quite a collection over the years and am definitely still going! 

This particular lippie was evading me for a long while, it was always sold out whenever and wherever I looked and I almost gave up (and nearly bought it online of course) when I found it hiding in a corner of a tiny pharmacy.

The Formula
I adore Rimmel Lasting Finish lippies, and especially love the Kate Moss shades. They go on smoothly and easily, wear well, and last hours without eating or drinking. 

The Shade
Kate Moss knows a thing or two about lipstick shades! This shade is a wearable, bright and absolutely divine red. It is quickly becoming one of my more favourite red shades & I have been referring to it as 'my classic red' of late. 


On My Lips 

Price: $11.95

Where to Buy: Priceline, David Jones, Big W, Target, Kmart, Coles, Woolworths and at selected pharmacies across Australia. 

If you haven't yet tried out any of Kate's Rimmel Lasting Finish shades, I definitely recommend that you do. I can also highly recommend #14, a gorgeous nude. 

What is your favourite red? What is a classic red lipstick to you?

Hope you all have a great night! xx

*For reference I am a NC42. 


  1. oh my goodness your skin!!!!!!! That is a lovely red as well, I think I am going to swatch it and have a play when I get to work today!! x

    1. Thank you babe! I try to look after it as best as possible, haha. It's gorgeous, definitely have a play! xx

  2. Red lips have been my fav too!! Although I don't wear it as often as I'd like cos I've probably look out of place with it at work haha!

    Anyway, just tagged you!!
    Hope you're keen!

    1. Oooh! Thanks for the tag! Definitely keen!!

      I think a red lip would look absolutely gorgeous on you! You should rock it for work, maybe start a trend? Hehe. xx

  3. The shade looks beautiful on you.

    It looked great on me too, when I first applied. After 3 hours of nothing more strenuous than drinking a cup of coffee, it bled like a mofo. I looked like Courtney Love on a 3 day bender. Never again.


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