Friday, 16 March 2012

Lush Big Shampoo

Hey all,

Until I purchased this shampoo, I hadn't tried any of Lush's hair products - but I love their range as whole so when I saw this beauty I just had to buy it. I was drawn to this shampoo for it's ingredients as well as it's claimed capabilities; and I have to admit that the wonderful smell and sweet sales assistant also did help me reach for my wallet!

Just scoop the product out with your hands, it feels wonderful! 
What Lush Says
A new life affirming shampoo for more shine than you thought possible. Dull hair turns into traffic stopping shiny, silky hair, featuring raw sea salt, seaweed and lime juice. 

Lush hasn't manipulated the truth on this one at all, it really does do all that it claims and it is fast becoming one of my favourite shampoo's!

What I Love 
- It has 50% sea salt which does wonders for volume. 
- Really cleanses your scalp (I have quite an oily scalp).
- Makes hair softer and smoother. 
- Creates shine and bounce.
- Lathers up like crazy!
- The smell is divine! 
- Made from more natural ingredients. 
- Not tested on animals. 

What I Don't
- Absolutely nothing - I love it a lot!

Price: $25.95 for 330g

One thing I have to add is that I wouldn't recommend using this shampoo everyday. Due to the sea salt it could become over cleansing if used too regularly. I use it about every third wash.

I can definitely say that I am going to repurchase this product when I finish it, and it has definitely spiked my interest in other Lush hair products - I think I may have to try some more!

What are your favourites?

Hope you all have a great night! xx


  1. I've been on a mission to take super good care of my hair lately so this post definitely grabbed my attention! I'd love to try this out but unfortunately we don't have Lush in Kenya. Boo-freaking-hoo :(

    Wonder if I can order it online..

    1. It is definitely a great product, so it's such a shame you don't have Lush there! Definitely try grabbing it online - so worth it!!

      And I definitely think they need to bring Lush to Kenya! Everyone needs a little Lush in their lives!! xx

  2. What a strange consistency! I'm addicted to their NEW! Shampoo Bar, have you tried them?

    1. It's full of real salt that just melts away - it's pretty amazing!! No, I haven't tried any of their shampoo bars, but I will have to! Do they still lather up well? xx

    2. Just bought the New solid shampoo! Woooh! xx


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