Thursday, 8 March 2012

It's All About Balance

Hey all, 

Let's talk about balance, in particular the balance between what you need to do and what you want to do. It's common knowledge, or rather it should be, that a healthy life is one that is balanced in all aspects: a healthy working life, paired with a healthy social/recreational life; a healthy diet, without torturing yourself; and healthy relationships that are both give and take. 

Yes, we all have things that we 'have' to do, but we also need to remember to do the things that make us happy. As a social worker I understand just how important this is for our happiness, but as the saying goes, it's easier said than done. Over the past few weeks I have been faced with a list of 'must do's' longer than I could've imagined, and in truth I couldn't see the end of it- so I gathered all my strength, took a deep breath and trudged along! Yes I got it all done, and in record time; but now that I am looking back at it I wish that I took it slower and balanced it all out a little. 

Why? I started neglecting the things that made me happy and it did absolutely nothing for me. I stopped reading, cut down on my blogging, even stopped eating as much (all things I adore!), and in the end I just ended up feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

I have promised myself that I will never neglect my happiness for a list of to-do's again, and I am going to make sure that I make time in my life for the things that make me happy - no matter how small they are! 

5 Little Things That Make Me Happy 
- Tea
- My Cat 
- Reading
- Blogging & Beauty in General
- Shopping! 

This was a bit more of a personal kind of post, I hope that you all don't mind! 

Let me know how you deal with stress, endless list's and keeping everything balanced! Any hints? Tips? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx


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