Thursday, 16 February 2012

Runway Looks I'm Loving: Spring 2012

Hey all,

Just a quick post!

It's no secret that all us fashion and beauty loving women (and men of course) look to the runway for inspiration each season. Some looks we love, some we loathe. 

Here are the runway trends I've adored so far this year!


Fresh faced, and wet haired - I wish I resembled something vaguely similar when I exited the shower in the morning. 


The D&G line is closing, and they are definitely going out with a bang. The models look like absolute perfection. 

Dolce & Gabbana



If only I could pull this off!

Jason Wu

Sexy, feminine & edgy. 

Michael Kors 

Bronzed beauties! 

Which one is your favourite? And, what is inspiring you this season?

Hope you all have a great night! xx

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