Friday, 14 October 2011

NYX Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Aruba Review

Hey all, 

This is a review that I cannot believe I haven't done already! If someone had asked me before I started blogging what the first product I would look at would be, this would've definitely been up the top of my list! I love bronze eye looks, and use this palette so frequently I always worry that I will get stuck in a rut! You can really create so many looks with this palette, from more simple everyday looks, to more glammed up looks. 

Those who know me are aware of how much I love NYX products, especially the eyeshadows. They are such great quality! Long lasting, highly pigmented and they have some amazingly gorgeous shades (and quite a few unique shades as well). They are also so cheap and really hold their own in comparison to the high end brands. Just getting the word out there - if you haven't tried any of their shadow's, you really should! (I will put up a post on my fave NYX shades). 

NYX Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Aruba 

What I Love
- The colours - most of NYX shades are amazing colours individually, and NYX also has this way of putting together palettes that just go so well together
- Pigmentation - rivals MACs
- Easy to work with, blend etc 
- Long lasting 
- Cruelty Free 
- Hypoallergenic 
- Cheap! 
What I Am Not So Crazy About 
- NYX products are extremely hard to find in Australia, I get most of mine online (I will list some places below) 

Price: $13.95 AUD (for 5 eyeshadows) 

Where to Buy
- I buy most of my NYX products from Crush Cosmetics, they are Australian and based in Australia & you can get express shipping as well. 
- You can also buy NYX from Groove Accessories, although the selection is limited 
- eBay (direct from USA) if you don't mind paying for shipping
- And from the NYX website

It is a wonderful, versatile palette that I have got a lot of use out of. I really do recommend trying it! If bronze shades aren't really your thing, NYX has a extensive range of colours - so have a look! I cannot stress how much I recommend NYX eyeshadow's! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

* Just a hint: use a primer! They swatch well without, but are to die for when you use one! 

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