Monday, 10 October 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Review

Hey all, 

Firstly I need to express that I absolutely love the idea that Maybelline has with its new Fit Me system, and I have been excited to try it since it first came out. For those of you who don't know, the Maybelline Fit Me system works in an unique way. The whole point of it is that you find your match, or your 'fit me' number, and then that number transfers between foundation, concealer, powder, blush and bronzer. The idea of it is that you only need to know your one 'magic' number, and you're all set! 

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would tackle this review, keeping it together, but talking about each individual product in detail. So I thought that I would split the review into three parts: foundation, concealer & powder, and then talk about how all the products work together. 

Gosh! I am getting a little technical, but that's just because the idea behind this product really does excite me! 

My Maybelline Fit Me number is 310 and I am a NC40/42. Just so you know, the 320 was a little too dark and the 310 was a little light, but it's always easier to darken a foundation!

Sorry about the lighting and shadows guys! Took the picture at night. 
- Light-medium coverage - the coverage is buildable, but I would recommend this foundation to those who have good skin to begin with
- To me, I think that this foundation has more of the consistency, feel and look of a tinted moisturiser 
- Blends seamlessly, very easy to work with 
- Wide range of colours to suit a range of skin tones 

- Decent coverage - won't get rid of those pesky dark under-eye circles though!
- Doesn't cake or crease 

- Natural looking - doesn't leave the skin with too much of a 'powdery' finish
- Sets make up well and is long lasting
- Gets rid of all that pesky shine! 

The Verdict Marked Beauty Style 

Okay, so as individual products they aren't anything absolutely mind blowing! Although they do feel natural, and do live up to most of Maybelline's claims, there are much more amazing products out there (Cue Lancome Teint Miracle, Laura Mercier Powder, Bobbi Brown Concealers)! But saying that, they are pretty damn good for drugstore products, and cheaper ones at that.

I think that they work best when they are all used together, and I have been finding myself using the Fit Me range on days that I don't need or want too much coverage (to uni, running errands etc).

The packaging is also sleek & super cute!

And of course, massive brownie points for creating this amazing number system! I wish all the brands out there did it, how easy life would be!

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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  1. i absolutely loveeeeeeee this foundation
    i use 310 too and i'm around nc37-40 sometimes i go up to 42 in the summer...


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