Friday, 7 October 2011

The Leopard Addiction Continues

Hey all, 

I knew that when I started this blog tidbits of fashion would slip in here and there, after all, I am nearly as obsessed with fashion as I am with makeup! I think the two quite possible go hand in hand, I am sure you all agree...(any excuse will do!). 

I have been drawn to leopard print, and I mean print, definitely not fur at all (I am against all things animal cruelty). Maybe it's just animal instinct or appreciation for mother nature and all her creations, but I can't seem to turn away from anything with leopard print on it. 

I must have it all! Saying that, I picked up this gorgeous bag off eBay (oh eBay, how I love you so) for a ridiculously cheap $19.99. Yes, it did come from overseas but the quality is absolutely divine for the price! It's made well and looks sufficiently durable. Best of all, it does not look cheap at all! 

As for space, it's not going to fit the entire kitchen sink in it but it's great for those days when you aren't carrying a lot, or just want a smaller bag to complete your look. 

Long story short, I love it! It's moved straight onto my favourites shelf. 

Kudos to the new purple baby camera! It seems to be earning its keep just fine :) 

Oh, btw - while I was on my little eBay spree I also picked up a purple leopard print iPhone case & some leopard print bangles! Why not I say! 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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