Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hair Treats to Die For! V05 Hot Oil & Schwarzkopf Hair Repair

Hey all,

I don't know about the rest of you, but my hair was left looking worse for wear, and in need of a decent pick-me-up after winter - what we call winter in Brisbane anyway. And with my hair being long, it takes a little more effort to keep it looking shiny and lustrous! I am definitely not willing to put down my styling tools, so I went on the hunt for products that would make my hair amazing, even when it touches heat regularly!

Two products I am absolutely loving, and use over and over again are: VO5 Hot Oil & Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Hair Repair Treatment. They are keeping my hair from being a giant humidity caused frizz ball this summer!

V05 Hot Oil 
A weekly hot oil treatment that should be used before shampooing. 
Their Claims 
- Reconstructs damaged hair in 1 min 
- Doubles the strength of hair to reduce breakage 
- Seeks out & bunds to weak sites of every strand
Removes 75% more chlorine than shampoo alone 
What I Say 
- It's amazing! I mean it! Go out and buy it right this second! 
- Has made my hair stronger 
- Makes my hair softer, shinier and easier to manage

Price: $6.99 for a pack of 5 (so it will last you 5 weeks!) 
Where to Buy: Coles, Woolworths, Priceline & Selected Pharmacies 

Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Hair Repair 
Massage gently into hair after towel drying. I use it every single time I wash my hair. 
Their Claims 
- Repairs instantly & cares intensively 
- Cashmere-supple hair and shine, without overburdening 
What I Say 
- Makes my hair softer & shiner
- Improves manageability 
- Doesn't have an overpowering smell (I have found that many other Schwarzkopf products do, and it generally makes me steer clear!) 

Price: $7.99 
Where to Buy: Priceline, Coles, Woolworths & Selected Pharmacies 

I have honestly seen an improvement in my hair since I started using these products diligently! Overall I think these are some amazing hair goodies for a lower price! They do a brilliant job at rescuing damaged and dry hair, and I definitely recommend that you try them!

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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