Tuesday, 11 October 2011

eBay Accessories Haul - 11/10/11

Hey all,

Now I am a big sucker for eBay! Who wouldn't be? You can find everything and anything you would ever want or need, usually at much lower prices than anywhere else! I definitely make a hell of a lot of eBay purchases each month, usually consisting of bags, makeup, shoes and clothes, with the odd random purchase (iphone cases, adorable duck post its etc) thrown in here and there. 

Lately I have jumped on the accessories bandwagon and absolutely can't get enough! Especially when the items feature turquoise or are just plain adorable. Because of this new obsession I have realised that accessories on eBay (new and preloved) are ridiculously cheap, and I bought all of the items underneath for under $20 all up!

Bargaaaaaiiiiiiiin! Yay!  

They are all really good quality, arrived quickly & look fabulous on! 

Definitely will be buying more very, very soon....I can't help myself. 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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