Monday, 19 September 2011

XLNT Eyeshadow Rave & Review

Hey all,

This is a product rave of epic proportions because I absolutely adore the eyeshadow from this brand. I found this brand at my local Cosmetics Fragrance Direct store a couple of months ago and purchased one of their eyeshadow trios, or 'tr-eyes' as they call them. I wasn't expecting much at all because of the low cost ($2!!), but I must say its hard to put into words just how impressed I am. I now have their entire eyeshadow collection! 

For $2 a pop these eyeshadows are short of amazing, with a primer they have amazing pigmentation and staying power. They are also a perfect harmony between matte and shimmer. I only wish that they had a wider range of shades, but I am hoping that they expand their collection in the future. 

XLNT has three eyeshadow trios, and four singles from what I have found and they are all a ridiculously low $2 each. The brand also has eyeliner and lipliner pencils, lipstick, mascara and foundation; I haven't tried any of these other products yet, but I will try and review them in the near future. 

As far as I know, the brand XLNT can only be purchased at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct within Australia, and the website link above has store locations. I'm always visiting Cosmetics Fragrance Direct and they have some great bargains, so it is definitely worth checking them out! 

What I Love 
- Super cheap at $2 an eyeshadow!!!
- Highly pigmented
- Long lasting
- Not too shimmery

- Limited shade range

Packaging (Just so you know what to look out for!)

Single Eyeshadow's

Shades: Taupe, Hazelnut, Shimmer Fudge & Opal Dusk 

Trios or 'Tr-eyes'

Shades: Blue-i's, Green-i's & Brown-i's (I personally think that the trio shades look good with ALL eye colours) 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

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